The Program

The Planning Committee has been hard at work developing an exciting program for INANE 2016. We have included a variety of activities and speakers with a mix of general, breakout, and poster sessions. There will also be ample opportunities for networking with your colleagues!

There are lots of navigation options on the site, allowing you to see a quick overview to detailed descriptions of each session. At the time of the conference, password protected pages will be live, allowing participants to access objectives, description, and additional resources (Powerpoint, PDF) for each presentation.

Links are included throughout the site. Here’s a starting point for navigation.

  • Click here to see an overview of the entire three days.
  • Detailed programs for Day One, Day Two, and Day Three are here.
  • Detailed information Breakout Sessions on Tuesday August 2:
    • Session 1A:
    • Session 1B:
    • Session 1C:
    • Session 2A:
    • Session 2B:
    • Session 2C:
    • Session 3A:
    • Session 3B:
    • Session 3C:
  • Detailed information Breakout Sessions on Wednesday August 3:
    • Session 4A:
    • Session 4B:
    • Session 4C:
  • List of all poster presentations and presenters
    • Poster #1:
    • Poster #2:
    • Poster #3:
    • Poster #4:
    • Poster #5: