Day Three, Aug 3

Hyde Park Constitutional (6 am – 7 am)

The Cumberland Hotel is immediately adjacent to Hyde Park. Join INANE members Rita Pickler and Julia Snethen for an early morning constitutional through the park to invigorate yourself for the busy day ahead! Exertion level: “not quite a fitness walk, but more than a stroll.”

Breakfast at the Cumberland Hotel

Breakfast is served in The Market at the Cumberland Hotel from 6:30 am to 10 am. Be sure to stop and fill up because breakfast will not be served at the meeting venue, The Royal College of Nursing.

Opening Keynote: Defence Nursing Forum Oral Histories Project, Major Chris Carter (9 am – 10:30 am)

The Royal College of Nursing has been collecting oral histories since 1986 and has captured the lives and experiences of individual nurses dating from the early 20th to the 21st centuries, through two world wars, breakthrough medical developments, the beginnings of the NHS and great social changes. In order to support this on-going project the RCN Defence Nursing Forum is looking to develop the oral histories archives from recent operations.

Forum chair Major Chris Carter will be joining us at INANE to discuss this project, which aims to inform and educate the nursing profession and public on the experiences of deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan and caring for seriously injured service personnel from these campaigns. Everybody has a story to tell and it’s important to get the experience of all ranks, professional groups and roles into the archives for future education, research and professional activities. He will challenge us, as editors, to consider the role our journals play in documenting and preserving this history.

According to Major Carter, “It’s really important to think about what we’ve achieved and how we preserve that for posterity. With the end of combat operations in Afghanistan last year it felt like an appropriate time to start the project. There are many personal and professional stories to be told and it’s important we start to gather those for the archives.”

Major Carter (on the left) with colleagues
Major Carter (on the left) with colleagues

About the speaker: Major Chris Carter was commissioned into Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps in 2008.  A qualified Intensive Care nurse he was initially assigned to the Intensive Care Department at the Ministry of Defence Hospital Unit Frimley Park, before a posting to 16 Medical Regiment in September 2010. Major Carter was then posted to the Defence School of Healthcare Education, Department of Healthcare Education at Birmingham City University as a Nurse Lecturer. He continues to work in intensive care and teaches on a variety of under and post graduate courses including specialist practice courses in critical care.

Prior to joining the Army Major Carter held a variety of nursing positions including Intensive Care Nurse, Critical Care Outreach Nurse Practitioner and Resuscitation Officer. Major Carter is currently the Chair of the Royal College of Nursing Defence Nursing Forum and Nursing Representative for the Royal Society of Medicine, Military Medical Section.

Moderator: Graham Scott

Break (10:30 am – 11 am)

  • Refreshments
  • Last view of poster presentations

Breakout Session and Poster Viewing (11:10 am – 12 noon)

  • 4A: Location: Annie Altschul Room
    Cultural Diplomacy and the Export and Import of Nursing Scholarship
    Presenters: Mary Brucker, Martha Libster, Mavis Mulaudzi; Moderator: Leslie H. Nicoll
  • 4B: Location: Agnes Hunt room
    Nurturing Novice Authors
    Presenter: Marty Lewis-Hunstiger; Moderator: Cindy Peternelj-Taylor
  • 4C: Location: Edith Cavell Room
    SQUIRE 2.0: What’s New and What’s Challenging?
    Presenters: Jane Barnsteiner, Shawn Kennedy; Moderator: Julia Snethen

Lunch and Wrap-up Business (12 noon – 2 pm)

During lunch, we will have the chance to wrap up any leftover business from the meeting the day before.

Closing Session: Formal COPE Forum (2 pm – 4 pm)

The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) will be presenting a formal COPE forum, hosted by the COPE co-Vice-Chair, Geri Pearson and the COPE secretary Charon Pierson. The COPE Forum meeting is where COPE discusses cases submitted by COPE members.

Submit a Case
Cases must be anonymised and should be submitted via the website (go to Cases, and then Submit a case): ( You need to be logged in as a member to do this. We do like those presenting a case to join the meeting (in person or by phone).  Deadline for submission of cases: 20 JULY

Register for the Forum
Please register for the Forum by emailing our COPE Administrator. All members are welcome to attend in person, whether or not they are presenting a case. Unfortunately, there are no facilities to join this Forum by webinar.