Report from our London site!

Geri Pearson and Charon Pierson, or INANE members who are also members of the COPE Council, just visited London and spend some time at the Royal College of Nursing headquarters where our INANE Conference will be held in just a few short weeks!  Geri sent us this report about their visit!

A few weeks ago Charon Pierson and I were in London for the COPE meeting and stairs2we took a trip to the Royal College of Nursing to meet Gary Bell.  The setting for our INANE conference is beautiful with curving staircases and a nursing library!  Recently renovated it will be a wonderful site for us all.  Gary noted that attendees include many international editors which will be exciting.  After we toured the facilities Gary took us to lunch at John Lewis, a multi story department store across the street from RCN.  So this conference will have it all:  nursing colleagues, history, a wonderful setting, and awesome shopping!  Can’t wait to see you all!

Geri Pearson

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