Welcome to London!

Welcome to London! One recommended “must do” to orientate yourself with this wonderful city!

A guest post by Sarah Davies, Senior Publisher, Elsevier

I recently spent a weekend as a tourist in London – just because I suddenly realised that despite being there many times, both for work and pleasure, I had never really got to grips with its history, its geography, its architecture, or its diversity! So here is just one thing that I recommend to really orientate yourself with London, a great way to see it all without wearing down the rubber on your shoes! – although if you want exercise you can hop on and hop off the…..bus!

busYes, a good ol’ fashioned UK open top double decker bus is a great way to find out what is where, how to get there as well as immense detail about every landmark that there is to find in London – dating back 100s of years. From famous author hideouts where they wrote masterpieces or just “hung out” with their peers to wet their whistle, to actual filming on the streets of period dramas; from tales of horrible histories to sites of celebration and pageantry – you’ll learn and see so much around every corner.

Pick up the origin of English phrases like “Daylight robbery” or how the phrase “hangover” came about, to how Piccadilly Circus got its name (I won’t tell you here – you’ll have to find out for yourself in August 2016!).

The bus can also save you travel on the underground – a ticket lasts 24 hours and you can hop off at any of the multiple stops – or just keep going round and round.

I jumped aboard the Original Tour (https://www.theoriginaltour.com/) but a couple of other companies operate. The Original Tour ticket also enabled free ride on a Thames River Cruise from Westminster to Tower Pier and Tower Pier to Greenwich Pier (where you can have one foot in the east hemisphere and one in the west at the same time!). It also enabled discounts to West end shows and walking tours.

So we look forward to welcoming you to London….!

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