Wiley: Platinum Sponsor for the Opening Keynote!


The Planning Committee is thrilled to announce that Wiley, publisher of many leading nursing journals, including the Journal of Advanced Nursing, the Journal of Nursing ScholarshipResearch in Nursing and Health, and Nurse Author & Editor, is sponsoring our opening keynote speaker, Dr. Ben Goldacre, at the Platinum Level. A very hearty thank you to Wiley!

Every year, the Planning Committee for the annual INANE conference strives to put on a high quality meeting at a reasonable cost for attendees. To make this a reality, financial sponsorships from our publisher partners are crucial. We are delighted that Wiley has stepped to the plate with this generous commitment to ensure that Dr. Goldacre will be speaking at INANE 2016.

In addition to sponsorships, individual registrations cover the bulk of the costs required for conference. If you are planning on attending INANE 2016 and haven’t registered yet, why not? This year’s meeting looks to be outstanding in every way. Early bird registration is open NOW with discounted prices until December 31, 2015. Don’t delay–take advantage of this opportunity and save some money, too!

Thank you to Wiley, for their ongoing support of INANE and for this year, their Keynote Platinum Sponsorship of Dr. Ben Goldacre! Your dedication to all that INANE represents is greatly appreciated.

on behalf of the Planning Committee for INANE 2016

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