Elsevier: Silver Sponsor for Posters

ElsevierlogoBlackWe are excited to announce that Elsevier will be sponsoring the posters for INANE 2016! More than just sponsoring, Elsevier will arrange the printing (to the conference specifications), and delivery to the conference, of each accepted poster.  This service will be subject to accepted posters being submitted to Elsevier within the required time frame to allow the printing and delivery in time for the event.  Full details will be sent to all accepted poster presenters after their abstracts have been reviewed and accepted. This very generous sponsorship is limited to 15 poster presentations. A special thank you to Sarah Davies of Elsevier in Oxford for this brilliant idea, which she took forward to make a reality!

While presenting a poster is very staightforward, sometimes transporting it to the actual conference site can be challenging. Add in the cost of international shipping and it might become cost-prohibitive for an individual. Thus, we are thrilled with this Silver Sponsorship from Elsevier, which we hope will facilitate poster sessions at INANE 2016!

Once again, let us remind you that the Call for Abstracts is open now, with a deadline of January 15, 2016. When your submit your abstract, you can choose “Breakout Session,” “Poster Session,” or “Either, Depending on Conference Needs.” Now with the worry of printing and transporting a poster taken away (thank you, Elsevier!), all of us on the Planning Committee hope you will be inspired to submit an abstract for INANE 2016! We are a talented and creative group of people who have lots of knowledge to share with peers–please take advantage of this opportunity to do so. We look forward to receiving and reviewing your abstract!

On behalf of the Planning Committee for INANE 2016

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