Ready, Set, Go for Your Presentation at INANE in London!

This is your opportunity to contribute to our nursing editor community by sharing your ideas and expertise!  Presentations and posters by our own INANE colleagues makes the INANE conference a unique experience that emphasizes discussion, woman speakerexchange of ideas and networking.

To get ready: Go to the “Call for abstracts” page to find out what is required to submit your abstract, and to see a list of topics that were suggested at the 2015 conference.  Of course you can choose any topic that you want to present, but the list of suggestions are there if you need a bit of inspiration!

To get set: Submitting your abstract is super easy!  Just go to the “Abstract Submission” page where you will find an easy-to-complete form!  Abstract submissions are open until January 15, 2016.

Then the “Go” part:  You will be notified about acceptance of your manuscript by February 16, 2016 and can then start making your travel plans for your exciting trip to London!!

The Abstract Review Committee looks forward to reviewing your abstract for the conference. While there are still about 3 months for submission, don’t delay. Get yours in today!

On Behalf of the Planning Committee for INANE 2016

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