Call for Abstracts for INANE 2016 is open now!

Once again, trying to be ahead of the curve–the Call for Abstracts for INANE 2016 in London is open NOW! I realize that people are probably just returning home from the conference and not quite ready to submit. Not to worry–the deadline is not until January 15, 2016 so you have plenty of time to think about a topic and its presentation. If you were not at INANE 2015 in Las Vegas, but are thinking about attending the 35th Annual Meeting in London, here’s your invitation to get involved.

This year we had 12 breakout sessions over the two days, plus poster presentations, and on the evaluations, many said this number was “Just right!” We will be looking for a similar mix next year of general sessions, breakouts, and posters. Put your thinking caps on and be creative!

Comments I heard at the conference (note this is anecdotal, so take with a grain of salt):

  • I like panel presentations. Hearing different points of view is helpful.
  • I like the sessions with lots of discussion and interaction with the audience.
  • The sessions where the presenters went beyond “This is what I did” to discuss impact and outcomes were really useful.

In addition, there have been suggestions for topics for sessions on the evaluations. I have listed these on the Call for Abstracts page and will be adding to the list as I receive additional suggestions or ideas.

We have an online abstract submission process. It is simple and easy to use. If you have any questions, send a message to the Abstract Committee through the Contact Form.

Thanks everyone! On behalf of the Abstract Review Committee, we look forward to reading your abstracts for INANE 2016!


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